My name is Erik Vetter and I blow stuff up for a living! Born in 1990 in Groß-Gerau (Next to Frankfurt/Main), currently living in Berlin where I work as a VFX Artist making real time effects for games.
I previously worked at flowfiregames as their only VFX artist for a isometric shooter.

I visited the games academy in 2011-2013 had my look around on various fields on the games industry. Other than I am basically self-taught. 
After this I had a big 5 year digression in the Character Department and R'n'D team of NEXR technologies where I created photorealistic characters from scratch and scans and improved our in-house 3D scanner development.

I had a talent for drawing and design since my teenage years and continued with that until today, but I first started with 3D during late high school times when I liked to mess around with programs such as Maya,  blender and Photoshop making frame-by-frame animations, simple models, learning more and more through trial and error and eventually discovering my biggest passion in the 3D universe – VFX. 

As seen throughout my website, I enjoy working on other areas as well and like to challenge myself to broaden my skill set whenever I can.

Since the beginning of 2022 I've started my own business and sell my Assets on various platforms.


eFootball 2022 

Character Artist 
for KONAMI (outsourcing cooperation) 

 Synthetik 2  - 2020-2022

VFX Artist 
at flowfiregames 

FCB VR-Experience 2018-2019

Character Artist / Shaders  

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018-19

Character Artist 
for  KONAMI (outsourcing cooperation) 

VRXCITY 2018-2020

Character Artist 
at memento3D